About Claire Harrison, Contemporary British Artist



I am a fine artist specialising in oil painting of flowers and insects sharing my passion for nature and the environment with my followers and collectors.

Feel the cool wet grass beneath your feet as the sun slowly rises over the horizon and free yourself from the day to day hustle and bustle...

...As the sun warms your face, watch as the first Bumble bee lazily skims the top of the lawn in search of its first clover…Whether you live in a high rise, in the centre of a city or in a tiny cottage, bring a little nature into your home so that you can escape the pressures of modern life, even if it is for a moment, before you leave for work, or to collect the children from school.

I produce brightly coloured oil paintings about the tiny creatures and ecosystems around us that we simply do not have time to contemplate in our busy lives. I am based in the West Sussex countryside, where I draw and paint the smallest insect or flower. I notice the beauty in the dying forms of flowers or the vivid colours changing with the light of the sun, in between, trying to encourage cat to not sit on my easel or drawing board!

I started growing plants from seed and painting flowers aged 3, my interest in growing flowers and observing the lives of tiny insects is just the same as my passion for painting them. I have been exhibiting my work since I graduated from a Fine Art degree in 2001, when I had a successful solo show that consequently gained me a studio residency, where I was based for 7 years. Since then I have exhibited both in the UK and abroad in both solo and selected group shows, and am featured in both public and private collections; selling to collectors in several countries including the UK, China and Canada.

I am passionate about art and enjoy sharing my enthusiasm with the local community and I run courses at Guildford Institute and teach on a one-one basis helping students gain GCSE’s, art scholarships, A Levels and mentoring fellow artists and I have taught both adults and children for 20 years.

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