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Mother Nature...

Monday 27th July 2020... The Story So Far...

I have been thinking about a painting incorporating mother nature for years. In fact this one is the second one about Mother Nature, the first one is still a painting in progress. Both of these paintings will be part of the 'Secrets of Nature' series. This painting is based upon lilies and it was in fact when I was painting them on another of my paintings, a landscape that will be part of the ‘Florasphere’ series I started to see faces in the flowers.

The sketch of a lily from the sketchbook, (below left)

lily drawing lily oil painting

The lily painting over my oil painting of a landscape (above right) as part of the 'Florasphere' series,

Once I had done this I had to get the initial sketch of the idea on paper, this is far from the finish idea, the final oil painting will have more detail on the flowers and a less stark background. I want the painting to be a tonal one so that the face and flowers are camouflaged both with each other and the background.

lily oil painting

My painting process is a long one of carefully layered paint to create depth of colour and vibrancy. By putting a base colour of reds and oranges down, these will contrast the upper layers which will be greens and blues. This will make the greens and blues come further forward and you can see this in the first lilies I have painted in green and blue below. This is just a base layer, the detail and intensity of shading is still to be done,

lily oil painting blue lily oil painting

Due to the size of the painting the petals need more details and interest, so I returned to my sketchbook to work on a few designs, which can be seen in my video here, and how I have developed the painting since the pictures above,




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