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abstract oil painting Dahlias flowers oil paintings

Natural Forms #2, Oil on board 60x60cms, Dahlias Oil on Board 60x60cms

dandelion fly


Story about the Art work – After the Seeds have gone – By Claire Harrison

Since I was a child I have been fascinated by the small - the lives that carry on beneath our feet, preferably without our interruption, the wars, the sagas, the survival for life, the intertwined relationships. The tiny mites that live in the smallest of flowers such as forget-me-not and scarlet pimpernel that are barely seen by the naked eye and the wolf spiders scuttling across the ground predatin g smaller invertebrates than it, yet caring for its young on its back. Before I went to school I spent my days seeing how many earthworms I could find, rolling woodlice, frightening devils on horseback so that they pretended to be scorpions. This was fine right up until there was a family gathering or day out when I would be put in a pretty white dress and tights. However at every opportunity I would dash outdoors, to my mother’s frustration; including whilst I was waiting for departure, to enjoy the sunshine and find further invertebrates, this inevitably meant that I would be covered in mud as my parents were ready to leave. After experience, my wise mother ensured that all exterior doors were locked to me once I was in my Sunday best…

I would like to say that this was simply a childhood attribute, but whilst on walks I will still lay in the grass, now with a camera capturing the lives of the miniscule that surround us but we are so frequently oblivious to. On warm summer days I will sit under a tree and watch the small insects around me busy themselves in the grass, and so we come to the painting ‘After the Seeds have Gone,’ this in reality is less than one centimetre across, the seed head that has lost all of its seeds is a dandelion head, the dots being where the seeds have left the indentation behind and the sepals remain after the petals have dropped and curl around the stalk. I captured this scene initially with a macro lens, where I can zoom in and see the texture on the dandelion head in detail, as well as each and every flick of hair upon the fly.

For those of you are regular visitors to the Shoreham Art Gallery, you may recognise my little Blue Tit above, called “Stuffed Full of Peanuts”, although amongst my fellow artists, he has been nicknamed the Fat Tit, however much I try and convince them that he is merely big boned, and puffed up ready for Winter…!

I live just north of Shoreham, in what I like to call the no man’s land of sussex, as there is not a lot around, apart from the rolling hills and fields of sheep and horses. I live on the edge of a farm, and like to feed the ever many flocks of birds to my garden. My favourite, being the brave little blue tits, that are completely fearless, and that if human, I believe would be gang members! After a trip to my in laws in Canada, I was enthralled with the bird feeders that suckered onto windows, so you could get a fantastic close-up view of the feeding birds, and I came home and put one up on my studio window. Sure enough, that winter the very first bird to visit was a blue tit, and then they ALL became brave, but as the feeder can only really cope with one bird, a queue of blue tit’s started forming along my windowsill waiting for them to take their peanut. The looming shadow of me inside and my loud radio just doesn’t seem to bother them, and then they started to get cheeky…

As I have many feeders around the garden, the birds soon hoover up all the seed and nuts, and feeders, admittedly can go empty for a few days until I get some more. Their record, I think, is emptying all feeders within 2 hours… However the brazen little blue tit’s don’t put up with this, instead they sit on my studio windowsill and in the empty bird feeder looking at me indignantly and even tap their beak on the window to get my attention! Unfortunately the first time this happened I was listening to Daphne du Maurier’s The Birds, which had been dramatized on Radio 4 extra, to say that my heart leapt into my throat in fright was an understatement!!

Therefore my ink and watercolour painting was created in response to the brazen, greedy Blue Tit’s that keep me company as I work away in my studio, and now that I have learnt my lesson, bird feed is bought by the sack, so that they never go hungry!

“Stuffed Full of Peanuts” is available as Mr January in my 2016 calendar, as a greeting card and the original are available online or at The Shoreham Art Gallery.

Solo Exhibition

At Horsham Musuem and Art Gallery 2 July - 5 September 2015

scabious flower butterfly



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(Left Above: Christmas Tree 'Antarctica', Right Above: Smell of Winter)

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September 2014


Click here to find out what students think about Claire's courses and one-one tuition. Also see examples of students work!


After Monet & da Vinci, Amber, aged 10

Autumn 2014.

There will be a life drawing course this November in Mannings Heath near Horsham.

For more information click on the following link - Current Tuition

April 2014



Claire took part in Paint Sea on Site in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia in July. Several Pen, Ink and Watercolour works were put up for silent auction after being painted in and around the town and county of Lunenburg. Claire's work sold well and had an article about her in the local press.

12 November 2013

Claire has just been published in International Contemporary Artists Volume IV. To view the book click here, ICA

To purchase the book click on one of the following, Amazon,, Book Finder, Campus Books

20 June 2013

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Claire will be taking part in Paint Sea on Site in Lunenberg, Canada. At the end of the day, the works will be auctioned, there will be an opportunity to see Claire create her works in her unique style. Claire has been passionate about art since she was a child, and is always keen to talk to fellow enthusiasts. Claire will also be displaying examples from her portfolio and looks forward to meeting you there!

For more details,


09:00 Tuesday 7 December 2010




Claire is currently working with Manhood Community College, Selsey to inspire art and maths with a group of talented and gifted students. This is part of the Creative Parnerships scheme Please see the project developing by clicking on the link below

Creative Partnership Project




Tuesday 3 May 2011


Claire will be exhibiting throughout May 2011 at Evolution Arts as part of the Open Houses in Brighton. Claire is exhibiting again with the Pavillion Group at the end of June 2011.

Watercolour courses will be availbale at Evolution Arts, Brighton throughout the summer term. Watercolour, Mixed Media, Pen and Ink and Silk Painting courses are available at Guildford Institute starting in May 2011.

My fascination for repeating patterns in nature from the microscropic to the macroscopic and the idea that smaller units create the larger recognisable whole. This is shown in the daisy picture to the left. This daisy has been created by daisies and those daisies have also been created by daisies - my way of showing infinity. This was inspired by the project with Creative Partnerships - see below.

Wednesday 8 February 2011



I hope you will notice the new design of the website, the banner is a design that first started with a collaboration in 2010 with the Pavillion Artists (see link below left). It is a refined version of my doodling that shows my love of nature from flowers to bugs - yes even creepy crawlies!

I will be running a new evening watercolour course at Evolution Arts, Brighton. I am also launching a new course at Guildford Institute starting in March 2011 which will demonstrate the techniques that the Masters used and how you can do them yourself.

My fascination for repeating patterns in nature from the microscropic to the macroscopic and the idea that smaller units create the larger recognisable whole. This is shown in the daisy picture to the left. This daisy has been created by daisies and those daisies have also been created by daisies - my way of showing infinity. This was inspired by the project with Creative Partnerships - see below.

11:00 Tuesday 28 September 2010

Claire is currently working with the Pavillion Group of Artists who will be launching their debut exhibition at Haselmere Museum Autumn 2010 , this exhibition is called 'Are you Afraid of Beauty'. To read my article about this, click here.

To find out more about the members of the Pavillion group of artists click on their website link below. The group consists of Anne Bowen, Jan Hite, Peter Searight and myself. The group got it's name pavillion because we meet at the old Lynchmere Cricket Pavillion on the Hampshire/Surrey/Sussex Borders.

protozoa spiral oil painting snail passionflower



11:00 Monday 8 March 2010

Claire has the 2 paintings above in permanent public exhibition at Frimley Park Hospital. The painting on the left, 'Protozoa Spiral', depicts fictional protozoa inspired by the research by Ernst Haeckel set into a spiral with a microscopic image of a Scabious stamen super-imposed ontop. Claire, a keen gardener has been researching the microscopic imagery of plants for over a year. The painting is easily recognisable as organic, but not easily identifiable therefore indicating that nature is multilayered, complex and very ordered within geometric shapes. The painting on the right., 'Gastropoda Helix Aspersa' is a tesselation of passionflowers and geometric ten sided shapes based up on the passionflower within a spiral that has been transformed into a snail shell. The tesselation of flowers and geometry is to show the form and order within nature, particularly flowers that at a glance appear chaotic and disordered. The shell interacting with the tesselation is to show the relationships within nature including those which are also following a geometric order. Another viewpoint of this piece is Claire's frustration that the snails were eating her passionflower seedlings at the time of creating the piece!!

Both works are oil on board and took a year to complete with the complex layering of colour and detail.

Tuesday 8 December 2009

Claire is relaunching her successful art course for all abilities at Guildford Institute in January 2010. This will be a 10 week course covering drawing and painting skills and also reviewing the skills of the masters. Students will choose what materials they use and what subject they paint as Claire concentrates on developing each individual rather than the group.

Claire's successful relocation to West Sussex means that she can extend her art tutoring services into the Sussex area these would include, Horsham, Crawley, Redhill, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Brighton, Worthing, Petworth, Storrington and Pulborough, which will be in addition to the Surrey, Guildford and Godalming area. If you do not live in these areas please contact Claire directly via email, as the list above is not exhaustive.
Tuesday 7 July 2009

Claire is currently exhibiting at Baker Tilley, Guildford Arts, Guildford

Autumn Workshops

This Autumn Claire will be running an Adult Craft Course in Bordon organised by the Phoenix Centre. This course will teach the basic craft skills to survive the credit crunch.

Claire will be running Childrens Drawing After School workshops at the West End Centre in Aldershot.

28 February 2009

Forthcoming Exhibitions
1 March - 1 May2009
Secret Garden, The Art Works Galleries, Newcastle

April-July 2009
Baker Tilley, Guildford Arts, Guildford
Claire has been invited to talk about her work at the private view on 7 May 2009

11 December 2008

First Published Article...

Claire has had her first article published in the new e-zine Hit and Miss. Claire critically comments on the current British art market. It can be read by clicking here.

5 December 2008

Review of Claire's Lecture...

Claire's lecture to Camberley Art Society in November has been reviewed and can be read here. Click on What's New at the top by the logo.

16 October 2008

Forthcoming Demonstrations and Lecture...

During November will be doing Watercolour Demonstration and giving a lecture about her work. The watercolour demonstration will take place on the evening of the 5 at Fair Oak Art and Craft Society in Fair Oak, Hampshire. The lecture will be on 28 for Frimley and Camberley Society in Camberley. For more information contact Claire.

28 August 2008

Sculpt It Exhibition

To comemorate 10 years of Sculpt It, a local company providing art classes to the local community, they are holding an exhibition of the art tutors work at Winkworth Aboretum as part of the heritage weekend (12-14 September).


24 July 2008

Teaching Courses for Adults & Children ...

From September Claire will be teaching a variety of courses for both Adults and Children. After School clubs will be held in both Caterham and Milford (Nr. Godalming) from September. In November there will be a variety of workshops for adults, Drawing taster, Watercolour demonstration and a lecture on Claire's work. If you would like further information on any of the above contact Claire by clicking here.


5 June 2008


New Wesbsite...

This is my new website design! It is still a work in progress so please forgive any 'Under Construction' pages you come across.

Please feel free to comment on the new design by emailing me, here