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Available: Brighton, Worthing, Horsham, Haywards Heath, East Grinstead, Loxwood, Billingshurst, Petworth, Arundel, Chichester, Guildford, Woking, Farnham, Haselmere, Leatherhead, Croydon and surrounding areas. Other areas included within Surrey and Sussex, and areas of Kent and Hampshire are available. Please contact Claire for more details.


• Want to learn a new technique?
• Need to generate some new ideas?
• Has it been simply AGES since you have done an observational drawing and need to refresh your skills?
• Need time and space to explore some new ideas?

Claire helps fellow artists to develop their creativity/creative process who wish to learn to draw and paint. Claire discusses and constructs the syllabus collaboratively with the artist and focuses each session to their interests.


• Want to fulfil a life-long dream?
• Intimidated by the idea of a group workshop/course? Want to build up your skills first?
• Want to change career?
• Returning to Higher Education?
• Need a Portfolio?

Claire helps adults of all abilities who wish to learn to draw and paint. Claire discusses the syllabus with the student and focuses each session to the student’s interests. Students choose the medium they use and the image/objects they work from.


• Gets frustrated not being able to achieve what they want?
• Likes art but has no direction?
• Not enough art in school?
• Scholarship?

One-one tuition is available in Sussex and Surrey from the ages of 8. Claire concentrates on the core drawing and painting skills that are fundamental to any creativity. Interspersed with these sessions will be 3D projects such as clay, papier maché, and bauble making at Christmas (this list is not exhaustive!).
Art history and the Masters will be covered in the syllabus by drawing/painting from their works Claire will show how they achieved their techniques. Claire teaches these subjects in a fun, light hearted way and encourages students to choose their preferred mediums they work in and what they take their inspiration from.
Current students have won art scholarships and Claire is very lucky to teach and encourage some very creative and talented students. Claire is currently working with two 10 year old students on a degree-level syllabus.
Claire has also inspired several students at schools, colleges and universities who choose to study her art work. Claire is always to happy help students who have chosen to study her for their academic work, please feel free to contact her by email.


    Example Tuition and Techniques Available



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Painting – Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour, Gouache,
Drawing – Charcoal, Pen/Ink, Pencil, Pastels, Mixed Media etc
Photography – SLR, Digital, Photoshop, Digital Manipulation
Mixed Media/Collage
Life Drawing


Developing an Art work
Painting – expressionist
Painting - blending
Composition, balance and aesthetics
Tone, Depth, Contrast
Colour Theory
Painting and Drawing from the Masters (from Renaissance to present day)


Model Making – Plasticine, Clay, Papier Mache
Needlework and Fabric
Silk Painting
Jewellery making with beads
Mask making/decoration
Card making
Christmas Baubles, swags and crackers
Lectures and Seminars
Contemporary Art
Art History
Digital Art
Landscape incl. British Tradition
Own art work/theories
Art History


Business Skills for Creative Industries
Artist Mentoring

Please note that this list is not exhaustive…

    Teaching Style

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Claire concentrates on each individual and developing their unique style. Claire has taught many different classes and courses for several different art organisations. Claire has a strong teaching style and believes that each session should be designed to accommodate the individual and what that they want to learn. Claire encourages the student to choose the medium and subject of their artwork if it is appropriate for the workshop theme. By using her experience, Claire shows each individual student how to use that medium and the best way in which to achieve their goals working with their chosen subject.

Claire has vast experience in teaching; she taught her own art courses to adults for five years, has run numerous demonstrations and workshops for the Farnham Maltings, been a visiting artist for Farnborough College of Technology and also advised both students and lecturers there on the current art market as part of the Media and Creative Arts Liaison Committee. Claire also teaches at Guildford Institute and Evolution, Brighton.

Claire has also inspired three students to do projects about her and her work for academic courses. This has included a degree student at Reading University, a GCSE student at St. Anne’s Convent School, Southampton and an NC Design student at Farnborough College of Technology.