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commissions and licensing


I take a few select commissions a year from full oil paintings to illustrations for books. I enjoy sharing my creative process with my clients, providing them with regular updates to show the progress of their artwork. The client becomes part of the creation of artwork and they are able to see how the idea grows into a drawing or painting.

You can see a few of my past commissions on the right and what my clients had to say about them.

lotus and buddha

Lotus & Buddha, Oil on board, A3 approx, Private Collection, Beijing, China

Approximate Price List

Please note that each commission is unique, and prices starting from the figures below.  For more detailed works/larger sizes, the price will change to reflect this.

A4 Watercolours from £450 (£200 non-refundable deposit)
A4 Oil painting from £2000 (£600 non-refundable deposit)
A4 Acrylic painting from £1500 (£450 non-refundable deposit)
A4 Drawings (black and white) £300 (£150 non-refundable deposit)
A4 Drawings (colour) from £300 (£150 non-refundable deposit)

The Commissioning Process

The commissioning process, depending on the size of the project is generally a 3 stage process. For all commissions, a contract is provided and signed by both parties. The client does not have to proceed to the next stage if they change their mind, however no monies will be refunded for work completed. There is no obligation for the client to purchase the final painting at the end of the commissioning process.

This allows the client to see preliminary drawings and colours and make any changes before the final artwork is started.

The client is emailed regular updates showing the artwork progressing.



Depending on your requirements, your commission may take several months to complete, this is due to my detailed painting process and/or current workload. Drawings and watercolours take approximately 4 weeks to complete.

Enquire about your unique art work now!

If you are interested in a commission and would like a quote then please complete the form here.

Please note, that existing paintings are not able to be created in a different colour, each painting is a one-off original not to be repeated. Photographs cannot be supplied by the client and painted due to copyright infringements. Artworks are created from imagination and own primary research and are never replicas of a photograph.


All artworks, including paintings, drawings and photographs, are available unless they are currently under a licensing contract. No licenses provided are exclusive, however they are not sold to a third party for the duration of the contract.

All licenses are limited for duration, quantity and geographical area. Costs of licences are dependent on use and duration and require a contract to be signed by both parties.

If you would like to enquire about a license please complete the form here.




Barn owl watercolour painting

Barn Owl, Watercolour on Paper, A4 Approx
Illustration for a poetry book, to be published in Hungary

"I commissioned Claire to illustrate one of my poems for a Hungarian children's book. Claire created a spectacular image of a barn owl in flight, under the cloak of night. The open wings are stretching to infinity, covered with playful black and white spots. The soft looking feathers give the impression that this beauty is capable of quiet flight, ready to strike, a born predator. Piercing black eyes on white , stunning heart-shaped face. The picture reflects a deep purple night sky where we cannot see the moon just feeling it's presence warming the forest. It is an extremely engaging artwork which will impress my young readers without any doubt. Thank you Claire." Erika, Guildford

"Light on Her Toes", Pen on paper, A5 Approx, Illustration for author

"Claire has amazing talent.  She seems at one and the same time to be both outside and inside my head my head and has drawn on her talent to give me illustrations for my book. 

The characters are delightful.  I couldn’t pick any one in particular out as my favourite, but I suppose that Chipper and Lupus are drawings that I regard as very special.  They have such life!  I can almost imagine meeting them in the forest of Camelot.

Claire has told me that she doesn’t consider herself an illustrator, and I agree that the drawings are very different from her usual artwork.  However, I think that we wouldn’t necessarily agree that she has no gift in what she has done for my book.  And working with her has been wonderful.  No one could have done more to help me through the all- consuming writing.

Thank you Claire for all your help and your lovely drawings."
Annabel, Leeds

"Chipper", Pen on paper, A5 approx, Illustration for author



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