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After Escher

Aged 12

Amber, Aged 12

"Would definitely recommend Claire's classes. I am an absolute novice, very relaxed and enjoyable, learnt lots"
Jackie, Loxwood, Drawing

"This tutor uses a very innovative approach, and encourages each student's individual style"

"Claire is a very understanding art teacher. She lets you use your imagination and helps you where you really need it. She helps me learn in a kind way and her lessons are very enjoyable so I always look forward to them."
Sophie, age 9, one-one tuition

"Claire has a very focused approach during her teaching of art. Our daughters’ rapid improvement was really quite remarkable, achieving quick results towards her art scholarship. We were particularly impressed with the accuracy of the written report Claire produced for the school, documenting the progress attained over the summer holidays. Our daughter immensely enjoys her creative time with Claire."
Dr. R. Biloune, One-one tuition, August 2013

"An inspiring, calm and insightful course - Fantastic"
Rosie, Pen & Ink, Brighton, October 2013

"A superb tutor and teacher, with a huge range of knowledge and a great manner who makes learning fun" Bob, Pen & Ink, Brighton, October 2013

"Having now attended two of Claire's courses I can really recommend them. She creates a warm learning atmosphere and has inspired me to go back to art after a long gap"
Maria, Drawing, Loxwood, October 2013

"Claire encourages my son out of his comfort zone and gets him to create work of which he's really proud."
Lucy, One-one tuition, November 2013

"After many years of painting, mainly in watercolour, I wanted to develop my style.
Claire is helping me to achieve this ambition using her wide knowledge of the media with
great enthusiasm and lots of patience."

Jean, November 2013

"I thoroughly enjoyed Claire's relaxed approach to teaching and her way of making each pupil feel they'd acheived something worthwhile."
Cheryl, Guildford, December 2013

"I fully recommend the course, for beginners and improvers, time very well spent"
Recha, Painting with the Masters, Brighton, December 2013

"Issy has had one-on-one lessons with Claire for over five years. Claire’s calm, thoughtful and inspirational teaching works as well for an eight year old as it does for a now emerging teenager. Lessons are fun - Issy’s been encouraged to tryall sorts of styles and media – but purposeful. It’s been great to see Issy’s technique, confidence and artistic flair continue to develop with Claire. The art scholarship was good too!"
Jane, one-one, January 2014

"You'll learn more than you expect"
Graham, Pen and Ink, Brighton, February 2014

"Claire has a lovely gentle teaching method that allows personal development with encouragement"
Karen, Pen and Ink, Brighton, February 2014

"Imaginative and stimulating course. I learnt to paint a little"
Richard, Pen and Ink, Brighton, February 2014

"I have enjoyed another one of Claire's course and really feel my watercolours are improving"
Maria, Colour and Composition, Loxwood, February 2014

"Claire is very helpful, approachable and encouraging"
Penni, Colour and Composition, Loxwood, February 2014

"Each lesson is something fresh and inspiring - always enjoyable"
Cheryl, Pen and Ink, Guildford, February 2014

Amber, aged 9


Jazmine, year 8


Issy, aged 12

"Claire has encouraged me to be more daring and free in creativity"
Judy, Pen and Ink

"We have learnt a great deal and had fun"
Carole, Drawing, Horsham

"I found Claire to be an excellent tutor, not having done any art since school over forty years ago I have learnt many things over the past four weeks"
Debbie, Drawing, Horsham, March 2014

"Imaginative and Stimulating Course"
Richard, Painting with the Masters, Brighton, March 2014

"I fully recommend the course for beginners and improvers, time very well spent"
Recha, Painting withthe Masters, Brighton, December 2013

"Highly recommend Claire Harrison art class"
Kelly, Core Skills, Guildford

"I had great fun in this course and learnt a lot of different techniques in an encouraging and relaxed atmosphere"
Kat, Watercolour, Brighton, March 2015

"I didn't think I could draw at all, now I think I can"
Graham, Drawing, March 2015, Brighton

"Helpful, inspiring, attentive teacher, highly recommend"
Nina, Drawing, Brighton, Jan 2015

"Art should be fun and inspirational. Claire nails it on every level."
Veronica, Painting and Drawing with the Masters, December 2014

"Claire is a very knowledgeable and supportive teacher. It is fun to learn with her"
Nina, Painting with the Masters, Brighton, Dec 2014

"Excellent tutor, easy to understand learn from and apply. Very useful handouts. Very helpful with advice on how to progress something"
Bob, Abstract Art, Brighton, October

"A wonderful relaxed and non-intimidating course. As much time as you like with Claire for guidance and class was not too big"
Kate, Watercolour, Brighton, October 2010

"I really enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, quite apart from Claire's enthusiastic way of teaching it makes learning much easier"
Pepi, Pen and Ink, Guildford, Dec 2015

"Claire was an excellent tutor and gave me a great insight into the essential fundamentals of watercolour"
Marcus, Watercolour, Feb 2016

"Had a very relaxed and informative day with water and colours under Claires tuition"
Christine, Watercolour, Feb 16

"Lovely and open way to learn how to improve your watercolour painting - or start!"
Rosie, Watercolour, Feb 16

"Entertaining course, but plenty of good solid content"
Jane, Drawing, Guildford, May 2015

"Claire is very knowledgeable and personable, her lessons are extremely well structured and easy to follow. Her enthusiasm is contagious"
Scarlett, Drawing, Guildford

"Relaxed, helpful, knowledgeable, expert introduction to a variety of masters and styles"
Philip, Painting with the Masters, Brighton, Nov 2015

"I've loved Claire's courses which have all been, relaxed, small, filled with knowledge and experience and wonderfully flexible"
Kate, Pen and ink, Brighton,

"I thoroughly enjoyed Claire's drawing class. The content and techniques were varied. Inspirational and fun. I had lots of fund and feel more confident with my drawings"
Clara, Exploring Drawing, Brighton, Dec 2015

"Claire's course alllowed me to really experiment and explore what I do with the media. A lovely meditative couple of hours each week"
Jen, Pen and Ink, Brighton, Feb 2016

"Friendly teacher, lovely relaxing environment and some interesting techniques. Chance to experiment with some guidance in supportive environment"
Sophie, Pen and Ink, Brighton

"Lino cutting was the most interesting and exciting course"
Linocut, Guildord,
May 16

"Excellent, entertaining, full of new ideas and challenges"
Janet, Linocut



Aged 12

Amber, aged 10


Issy, aged 10, Tormead Scholarship Offered