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exploring miniscule series



Oil on Board
75 x 120 cms,

27.5 x 47 inches

Every spring, the Irises are one of the first flowers to pop their heads through the long grass around my pond, well puddle really. I have turned our front garden in Sussex into a wildlife haven, where the grass is not cut and there is no such thing as a "weed"! The pond is an old miniature version of a butler sink which we have recycled into a puddle which usually contains more frog spawn than water.

I get very excited when the Irises flower, not just because I’m an artist and I want to use them for my next painting but because they mean spring has truly arrived.  The shapes which they create with their petals are simply beautiful, and they attract many insects around the puddle.  I have created this painting to show these lovely flowers and the insects they attract including darters and dragonflies who visit my pond.  It reflects a vital ecosystem, because even though my pond is tiny it attracts a lot of wildlife.


Original - £3,750

Limited Edition Print - £145.00



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