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secrets of nature

The ‘Secrets of Nature’ series explores the idea that the human race is very much a part of nature.  I feel that we often do not see ourselves as animals, or part of the ecosystem that surrounds us.  We think as ourselves being above all that; what we need to realise is that we are just as vulnerable as any other species on the planet.  Our impact upon the environment on a global scale is also threatening us as a species.  Floods and storms directly impact upon our habitats, extreme weather patterns cause crops to fail, reducing the abundance of our food.  I believe if we begin to think of ourselves as merely another fragile species, then we might take better care of our localised environment.  If we were all to think in this way, then this would reduce the damage we are causing on a global scale.  We are the secret of nature, because we have always been a part of it.

Should you require a different size of artwork, please do not hesitate to contact me on either art@claire-harrison.co.uk or +44 7973 410 111

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