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Oxygen series
dandelion clock
2020 A Reflection
My Biggest Painting Yet...
Saving the Bees
Inspiration and Other Artists
blog artists of the future
blog drawing Empty Studio - An Exciting Time... - Part 2
clover daisy oil painting Empty Studio - An Exciting Time...
daisy oil painting claire harrison art Make Art Not Pretty Pictures
wasp drawing blog Insects - Importance of the Small
An Artist's Life - Why do I draw and paint
flower art sunflower From Seed, To Plant, To Drawing, To Painting
flower art fading blooms Fading Blooms
flower painting Art, Plastic and the Environment...
sunflowers flower art What Should I Paint???  - The Creative Process and Developing Ideas…
painting flowers claire harrison art Originality and Creating Art
bumble bee drawing insects claire harrison art Attending Art Classes – Being an Art Student











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