Flower, oil painting, Claire Harrison, art, British artist, Sussex, UK

lifecycle series

I have been fascinated with the ecology and life cycles on my doorstep for years.   Not the exotic just the everyday in the Sussex countryside.  From the butterflies that make chrysalises on the external kitchen windowsill, to the birds eating insects off the plant stalks in autumn. I have to admit, I also have a tendency to relocate ladybirds and their larvae to my precious plants that are affected by greenfly, as I avoid the use of pesticides. Every species has an impact upon another, even on the small scale in the garden.

My ‘Fading Blooms’ artwork series looked at the beauty in the forms of dying plants, but also upon the positive of how death brings life in another part of the ecosystem. This new art series, ‘Lifecycle’ looks at all stages of the life cycle and how all species are reliant upon each other. Death of one species is merely the beginning of another.

Should you require a different size of artwork, please do not hesitate to contact me on either art@claire-harrison.co.uk or +44 7973 410 111

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Lifecycle 2 oil painting extinct ecosystem oil painting metamorphosis, watercolour, painting, claire harrison art    












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