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lifecycle series

oil painting butterfly tree

An Extinct Ecosystem

Oil on Board
30 x 42 cms, 11.8 x 16.5 inches

Growing up during the 1980’s we were taught at school a lot about greenhouse gases and pollution.  As with many children I loved animals (and I still do) and subscribed to the RSPCA (one of the leading animal charities in the UK).  There were many articles warning us of the plastic hoops around tin drinks cans could harm wildlife from hedgehogs to birds.  It therefore both amazes and saddens me that 40 years later we are still selling the plastic hoops around canned drinks.  In fact, it feels that we have attempted to do very little, as the human race, to reduce the pollution within the landscape. 

Deforestation and felling trees, whether in a garden or in an amazon rainforest has huge consequences, both for the CO2 it releases and the organisms that rely upon it.  Felling a tree is not killing a single tree but destroying the home of hundreds of insects and the ecosystem it is a part of. I wanted to show this, metaphorically, in this painting by replacing the leaves with butterfly wings. I have heard too many people cut down trees because leaves make their garden's messy... Yet this amazing plant supports a multitude of life whilst absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere and providing us with Oxygen. Even the leaves create food and a home to the surrounding creatures in the environment.


Original - £1,400

Limited Edition Print - £145.00


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