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Acrylic Painting, Jazmine, Year 8
(scholarship gained for Dunnotar, aged 11)


After Escher, Graphite stick and pencil, By Anon Aged 12















Claire has over 15 years experience teaching both adults and children. During that time Claire has helped many students attain high grades in their GCSE and gaining art scholarships to their chosen schools. Claire has a passive and encouraging teaching style that allows her students to develop their own style of work and creativity. This enables students to both attain the grades that they want and strengthen their confidence so that they can be independent in their creativity.

Tackling Creative Blocks and Building Confidence

Claire has helped many students overcome their lack of confidence and given students the skills and experience to feel proud and confident with their creativity. This is an issue that can occur for an artist at any age, and frequently helps children who suffer with this and she is experienced in helping them overcoming this in a fun and creative way. Claire accepts students from the age of 8 years.

Supporting GCSE Students

Claire has supported many GCSE students attain A (Grade 7 and above for the new system) grades over the last 15 years. Claire helps each student to develop their sketchbooks to a high standard and enable them to show their creative thinking clearly for the examiners. Claire has a vast range of technical skill in any medium that is 2D. Claire demonstrates to the student how to reproduce a Master's work, which is a necessary part of the syllabus. Claire's teaching technique also enables the student to implement these techniques into their own work with confidence. Claire is keen that students pick the topics of each session so that they are fully engaged and inspired by what they are working on.


Most students applying for a scholarship finds it valuable to have the support of a tutor to develop their portfolio. Over the past 15 years Claire has over an 80% success rate with her students gaining scholarships. Claire teaches the students the skills required in a fun way and inspires the scholars to have an enthusiasm for both the practical and theoretical subject. Giving her students an independent drive to create their own artworks which is essential for gaining an art scholarship.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Claire is able to provide the tuition for students to gain an Art Skill for Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. Claire tailors the syllabus to the individual students interests from photography, linocut to developing an art work and final piece. Please note that this list is not exhaustive as Claire can provide tuition for a range of skills, an expanded list is available here.

A Levels, Degree's and Mentoring

Claire has been a practising artist for the last 17 years and has been a guest lecturer to many different organisations and have worked with many different students and artists on many different projects. She can therefore support students with their A level and higher education syllabuses. Claire also mentors many other artists supporting them developing their creativity and their creative businesses, to learn further about this please click here.

Application Process

Claire is a popular tutor and has often limited places available in her tuition schedule due to high volume of students and her own commitments to exhibitions. Claire is open to helping any student that has the drive and passion for art. As of Autumn 2018 Claire has 2 spaces in her schedule for students, if your son, daughter or you yourself is interested, or would like more information please email Claire on with the following information,

1) Why would you/your child like tuition?

2) An example of what the student considers is their best work.

3) Your geographical location and availability as Claire will provide tuition at your home.

4) If the studnet has a learning difficulty (this will not hinder your application process, as Claire has an equal opportunities policy, it is to ensure that she can provide the best help for the student).


Annabelle, Scholarship attained to Lingfield aged 11




" Claire Harrison has been tutoring my daughter, Annabelle,  for the last year and half with fortnightly sessions in order to channel her artistic strength in a manner that she could apply for an Art scholarship in January 2016 to three local independent schools. As a result of Claire's enthusiasm, skill, focus , direction and mentoring Annabelle was well placed to apply for this scholarship where she was shortlisted for all three schools and won an Art scholarship to attend one of them.

I would like to thank Claire for all her guidance in this and would be delighted to recommend her to any parent who is similarly in such a position. Under Claire's vigil, Annabelle, now 11,  has flourished and is now proud to be and say that she is an Art Scholar . Thank you Claire".

From Danielle based near Reigate in Surrey

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