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Fading Blooms

I have never grown out of the wonder of plants appearing in bare earth.  I encourage insects by tending a wild area of garden which grows many indigenous plants that have self-seeded from the local landscape.  It is not just the growing plants that are beautiful, but the dying ones are too.  I love to observe the shapes created by the dying flowers and I leave the fading blooms of summer in my garden throughout the winter because they are vital nourishment to the insects and small mammals.

I enjoy observing the passing seasons and the changes this has on the landscape, and not just the obvious change of Autumn leaves but the increased insect activity in Spring, the flowers that bloom and die in Summer, the wasp feasting on a rotting apple.

Should you require a different size of artwork, please do not hesitate to contact me on either art@claire-harrison.co.uk or +44 7973 410 111

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Sunflowers fading blooms flowers oil paintings
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