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fading blooms


When the Seeds Have Gone

Oil on Board,
50 x 70 cms, 20 x 27.5 inches

This is the tiny head of a Dandelion, with the little holes left after the seeds have flown. The dead petals hang beneath the head. This took me a while to paint, as it kept looking like a jellyfish! But then, that is what I am fascinated about with regards to nature the repeating forms that look similar but are in a completely different environment of nature. The top of the dandelion has a similar pattern to a peacock. It doesn't matter what scale you look at the patterns and shapes within nature are familiar.

Since I was a child I have been fascinated by the small – the intertwined relationships and lives that carry on beneath our feet. The tiny mites that live in the smallest of flowers, such as forget-me-not and scarlet pimpernel, that are barely seen by the naked eye. The wolf spiders scuttling across the ground predating smaller invertebrates, but also caring for young on their backs. 

On warm summer days I will sit under a tree, watching and documenting the small insects around me as they busy themselves in the grass. ‘After the Seeds have Gone,’ was inspired by this activity, the subject is less than one centimetre across. The seed head that has lost all its seeds is a dandelion head, the dots being where the seeds have left the indentation behind and the sepals remain after the petals have dropped, curling themselves around the stalk. I captured this scene initially with a macro lens, where she could zoom in and see the texture on the dandelion head in detail, as well as each flick of hair upon the fly. 

This painting is part of the Fading Blooms series. Even though the dandelion is dead, and the seeds have gone, it is still providing for the insects around it; a landing platform in this instance, or a place to drink dew.


Original - £2,350

Limited Edition Print - £145.00




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