Oil Painting flower art claire harrison art

Florasphere series

magnolia oil painting


Oil on Board, 50 x 50 cms, 19.5 x 19.5 inches

The centre point of this painting is full of pale light, this should mean that the person looking at the painting should look beyond the flowers into the distance.  The Magnolias frame the landscape beyond and surrounding, that we cannot see, but know it is there.  The magnolias and bees are part of the landscape beyond and are a very important part of it.  A pretty flower may seem insignificant but it is a vital part of the ecosystem all around it.  The bee is the clue to this, early flowering magnolias provide pollen to insects before the majority of flowers are in full bloom.


Field of wildflowers oil painting

Original - £1,975

Field of Wildflowers Limited edition

Limited Edition Print - £125.00











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