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Florasphere Series

Ever since I studied biology at GCSE and A level I have been fascinated with ecosystems, especially those on a small scale that surround us every day. Based in the heart of the Sussex countryside, I see these drama’s every day.  As an artist I like to study things in in-depth detail and I like to observe nature from the rose in the garden that supports greenfly, which in turn feeds ladybird larvae to the birds that eat the greenfly and ladybirds, each species supports another. We do not normally notice this support system, all we see is the overall landscape and think how pretty it is, yet these relationships are crucial to maintaining the whole. It is therefore crucial to look after everything, however small, such as the tiny insect you never see, to preserve the local landscape and environment.

In the “Florasphere” series, I am trying to capture the relationship between the small and the landscape as whole.  My oil paintings are windows to the landscape beyond, but the ‘window’ has been created by a tiny plant that reveals the “Florasphere” to you.

Should you require a different size of artwork, please do not hesitate to contact me on either art@claire-harrison.co.uk or +44 7973 410 111

Click on one of the images below to see more information about the paintings

Viola Insights Florasphere poppyheads oil painting

flower and butterfly mixed media painting

blue tit oil painting field of wildflowers oil painting magnolia oil painting


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