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Florasphere series

field of wildflowers

Field of Wildflowers

Mixed Media on Board, 28 x 38 cms, 15 x 11 inches

The title of this painting is deliberately quaint, indeed, this painting should at first sight seem to be just a field of beautiful flowers.  On closer inspection you will see the surface is textured and background is not just simply colour.  The background is full of other plants, you can see a variety of leaves and flowers.  This background noise to both the painting and to nature is just as important to the ecosystem to the preservation of the pretty flowers that we are naturally attracted to.

I created this layered painting by adding very thin layers of oil paint to a textured acrylic print I did first on board.  The thin layers of oil paint were built up painstakingly with a thin brush so that the colours have depth and vibrance.  I also have painted in oil one of the leaves from the background print, bringing it forward, giving it similar importance as the flowers, emphasising my idea that all nature is important and has a purpose even if it isn’t pretty and we only see it as background noise.

The flowers I have chosen to use are all indigenous to the local landscape in Sussex that surrounds my art studio, from foxglove and daisies to goose grass weaving itself amongst the flowers just as it does on the verges.  My artwork is constantly inspired by the wildlife around me.

Field of wildflowers oil painting

Original - £1,300

Field of Wildflowers Limited edition

Limited Edition Print - £145.00


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