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Florasphere series

flower and butterfly mixed media painting

Hidden Around the Flowers

Mixed Media on Board, 27.5 x 38.5 cms, 15 x 10.8 inches

“Hidden Around the Flowers” is experimenting with texture.  Many of my artworks are textured as I want to visually disrupt the painting in a subtle way.  The painting is often of a beautiful and recognisable part of nature, but all too often we just admire the beautiful.  All nature is important, even the parts we cannot or do not want to see.  The texture to my paintings shows that there is a hidden dimension to nature that we do not normally notice.

In “Hidden Around the Flowers”, the texture is not random, but carefully thought out, it is an acrylic monoprint and contains imagery of leaves, butterflies and flowers.  If you look carefully these can still be seen in the background.  The Cosmos has been painted on the top layer in oil paint.  The flower is highly textured and contains the same imagery from the monoprint beneath it, the act of painting has obscured this part of nature completely.

My artwork comes from our garden or the local landscape in the Sussex countryside.  I grow a lot of my inspiration from seed and this Cosmos is one of my favourite flowers for the summer, as it grows quickly and has large prolific blooms that attract bees and butterflies.  The butterfly is a tropical one that I photographed in a hot house in the UK.  I like to deliberately juxtapose species in my paintings that you would not normally see together.  I do this deliberately, because the nature in my paintings is not at all what they seem. 


Original - SOLD

Limited Edition Print - £145.00


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