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Portrait of Nature
surreal nature drawing nature

Portrait of Nature #2

Drawing on Paper
21 x 30 cms,

8 x 12 inches

Original - £270.00

Limited Edition Print - £145.00


About this drawing:

Faces, leaves and flowers intertwine with natural patterns to create this artwork.  This shows the human portrait at the same hierarchical level as the nature that surrounds them, from nature's point of view we are no more or less important than the flowers, animals and plants.  We are just another species fighting for survival. This is the first artwork that has included a drawing of a black person, this too is deliberate, not only commenting that all people are equal, whatever their ethnicity, but also all species are too, including the entire human race, regardless of ethnicity, gender or religious beliefs.   Every species is vulnerable to changes in fluctuating populations within the ecosystem and freak weather events, these two issues that threaten a species naturally are becoming heightened with the climate crisis. 

We need to care for everything in the food chain, however small because other plants and animals rely upon these and ultimately this affects humanity who are at the top of the food chain relying upon everything beneath it.

This intricately detailed drawing will be a talking point on any wall, as you are lost within the intertwined composition of natural forms.


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