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Portrait of Nature
surreal nature watercolour painitng

Portrait of Nature #5

Watercolour on Paper
21 x 30 cms,

8 x 12 inches

Original - £380.00

Limited Edition Print - £145.00


About this painting:

This is the first watercolour painting in the 'Portrait of Nature' series that explores the idea of combining all elements of nature on the same hierarchical level.   Within this nature painting there are semi-abstract forms that remind us of leaves, flowers, and intertwining stems and tendrils, and hidden amongst these natural forms are faces.  This shows that humanity is no more or less important than any other aspect of nature that we as the human race take for granted everyday.  If we realised that humanity is just as vulnerable as a delicate flower we would take more care of the local landscape around us.

This brightly coloured painting will add a splash of colour to any room, whilst still being a fascinating and detailed intricate artwork.


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