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Portrait of Nature
surreal art watercolour painting nature

Portrait of Nature #3

Watercolour on Paper
21 x 30 cms,

8 x 12 inches

Original - £380.00

Limited Edition Print - £145.00


About this painting:

Within this watercolour painting the portraits are not simply the faces, showing that humans are also nature, but the flowers, leaves and insects are too.  They are also on an equal footing with the human faces, because humanity is equal to every other part of the natural world. The human race believes it is more important than nature and above it, but the harsh reality is, it is only another population of mammals living on the planet and is just as vulnerable as any other.

The flowers and bee have been observed and accurately drawn, the leaves, tree and swirls have come from my imagination, although they are based upon my years of experience drawing and painting nature from my art studio based in Sussex.  These tendrils thread through the painting bringing the disparate elements together and uniting them as one in this artwork.

Pale soft colours hint at the vulnerability of nature.  It is beautiful and fragile, and the purpose of my artworks is to bring humanity closer to nature and at one with it.  To have this painting on your wall should bring peace and understanding of the natural world into your home or office.


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