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Portrait of Nature
surreal nature watercolour painting

Portrait of Nature #4

Watercolour on Paper
21 x 30 cms,

8 x 12 inches

Original - £380.00

Limited Edition Print - £145.00


About this painting:

This watercolour painting of nature is of leaves, faces and floral shapes intertwined.  The leaves show faces and ribcages rather than leaf veins.  The colours are deliberately soft and gentle to represent the harmony of nature.  The cohesive composition is meant to show how all aspects of nature are inextricably linked, from winding forms of stems, to leaves and semi-abstract forms of flowers and butterflies in this painting.  This watercolour painting includes faces within the composition which shows that humanity too is nature and that we ARE nature too.  The composition and colours have been deliberately constructed so that no one element of nature is more important than any other including plants, insects and humans which are just like any other mammal.

This painting is for you to discover new elements everyday as you gaze at the endless forms and details and is perfect for any room where you want to escape  stressful daily life.


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