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reclaiming nature series

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Reclaiming Nature #5

Oil on Board,
42 x 29.5 cms, 16.5 x 12 inches


Original - £1500.00

Available soon - to reserve please email me

Limited Edition Coming Soon - £145.00 - email me for stock notification,



About this artwork

In the evocative painting titled “Reclaiming Nature 5,” the vulnerability of humanity unfolds against the backdrop of global warming. Amidst the threat of climate change, only those species capable of adaptation will endure. Humanity, with its intelligence, holds an advantage, yet insufficient action impedes progress.

The wooden board on which the painting is on bursts with vibrant colours created by meticulously layered in oil paint. Blossoming flowers engulf man-made arches, once symbols of human ingenuity. These arches, now fading, lead nowhere, blending seamlessly into the wooden board.

Among the blooms, a face emerges, harmonizing with nature’s hues. It symbolizes humanity’s adaptation post-climate change—a lesson learned for survival. This existence treads lightly, replenishing what it takes, leaving nature unmarred.

In this peaceful artwork, humanity’s fate intertwines with nature’s reclamation, urging us to tread more mindfully.



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