Claire Harrison Art, British Artist, Oil Paintings, Nature, Climate Change, Environment, Horsham, Sussex

Reclaiming Nature

The ‘Reclaiming Nature’ series explores the idea that nature has the ability to reclaim the landscape back from humanity.  The obvious way nature does this is to think about natural disasters such as flood, natural fire and extreme weather.  I am not painting about these things; I am looking at the small ways that nature encroaches upon humanity on a daily basis.  Trees self-seed too close to houses, roots damage foundations, moss and lichen grow on roofs slowly breaking down the structure of tiles and ivy sinks its roots into door frames and mortar. 

Nature is "invading" man's space all the time.   Cityscapes are full of it, the wildflowers growing out of cracks in pavements, birds are considered a pest because they use the buildings to roost in.  Country lanes that are not used often have grass growing down the middle of them.  Where there is an opportunity, nature will seize it. 

Climate change is very real, but it is not about saving nature.  The natural world will survive.  Species and diversity will be lost but will rebound eventually, change and new species will adapt to the devastation that humanity has left. The climate crisis is not about saving nature, it is about saving the human race.  Our impact upon nature will put our own survival in jeopardy, there will be a strain upon resources such as food and water.  Extreme weather will devastate the landscape and nature will begin to breakdown and inhabit what we have left behind.

Should you require a different size of artwork, please do not hesitate to contact me on either or +44 7973 410 111

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