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Dance of Nature Series

watercolour painting butterfly dance of nature

Dance of Nature #13

Watercolour on Paper
21 x 30 cms,

8 x 12 inches

Original - £380.00

Limited Edition Print - £145.00


A variety of different elements of nature are intertwined in this watercolour painting.  Butterflies, flowers and people are all interlinked with a dance of nature, showing that we are all connected and reliant upon each other.  All parts of this painting are equal, no subject is elevated above any other, instead it is showing that humanity is nature and equal to every other living creature.  To combine a screaming face within the butterfly was inspired by the Deaths-head Hawks  moth, which has a skull pattern on its back.  I used watercolour so that lots of bright vivid colours could merge with one another.  The looseness of the painting medium shows an amalgamation of nature because the colours are running into each other, creating 'fuzzy' boundaries rather than clear ones, just as each element of nature has within an ecosystem.  The boundaries between the relationships of animals, plants and insects are too interconnected in an ecosystem for there to be clear boundaries.  To find out more about this series of work read my blog about the 'Dance of Nature' here.


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