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Dance of Nature Series


Dance of Nature #15

Oil painting on board
30 x 30 cms,

12 x 12 inches

Original - £1200.00

Limited Edition Print - £145.00


In this oil painting I am combining a variety of elements of nature into one composition.  I have deliberately not used the full human form because I don’t want to refer to a specific person or gender but humanity as a whole.  Therefore I combine body parts with other recognisable forms within nature such as butterfly wings.  A buttercup is flowering at the back of the composition, because we know this flower is small, the comparative size of the hands, screaming face and butterfly wings become tiny.  I am showing that we are nature, we are not superior, but equal to it.  I believe that if humanity change their view of their relationship with nature and begin to consider it as an equal we would do more to preserve it and be more proactive in reducing the impact of climate change. To find out more about this series of work read my blog about the 'Dance of Nature' here.


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