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Dance of Nature Series

dance of nature pen and ink drawing

Dance of Nature #9

Pen and Ink on Paper
41 x 30 cms,

16 x 12 inches

Original - £395.00

Limited Edition Print - £145.00


Fungi is fascinating, there is so little known about it, and interesting discoveries about how fungus interacts with other organisms within an ecosystem are still being discovered.  The majority of fungus is not harmful in fact, there are several species that live on and in us that are beneficial.  I find it intriguing that fungi are neither plant or animal, but more like animals than they are plants.  Fungi are found everywhere, in all habitats, as well as being in plants and in animals.  It truly is one of the most successful and abundant species on the planet.  It also claims fame to being the largest organism on earth, and covers thousands of acres.  Scientists are beginning to question on whether there would be life on the planet without the existence of fungi.  Within this pen and ink drawing I have attempted to show how nature and humanity are interconnected by merging hands, feet and legs with mushrooms. To find out more about this series of work read my blog about the 'Dance of Nature' here.


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